Vitamin C- The Magic Potion for a Healthy Life !!!

Vitamin-C-sourcesI grew up with this consciousness that Vitamin C was one of the most important elements to strengthen ones immunity… Thanks to my mom who made sure that we get plenty of it from our daily doses of Orange, Tomato, Tomato & beetroot & Lime Juice…. The food you eat as a child plays such an important role in determining your entire life system… Your attendance at school, your stamina on the playground, the vigour to cope with work pressure, to maintain the right balance of mental & physical health needed to be able to spend quality time with family even after a hectic day at work… ‘Immunity’ is the biggest gift you can give your children. So this is to all parents out there….please start focusing on Vitamin C rich diet right from day one… build the consciousness right from childhood so that your kids go ahead to pass on this immunity to their future family to create a healthy lifestyle for generations…

Especially if you have daughters make sure you also teach them to take care of themselves & their own health as they will eventually have to take care of a family & most times women tend to compromise on their health while nurturing their families. Health of a family depends a lot on the women of the house, so groom your daughters for a healthy self  & believe me it’s never too early to start…


One thought on “Vitamin C- The Magic Potion for a Healthy Life !!!

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