‘Happiness’ for kids – It is a choice!

SandboxHappiness‘Happiness is a choice’, I had read this line pretty young in life & somehow it made so much sense as a kid & continues to make even more sense now. It is a constant choice that we need to make every hour, every second of the day, otherwise simple things like having to do just one extra dish can turn off your ‘happiness’. So the choice has to be made consciously & willingly.

‘Happiness is a choice’, ‘Always choose happiness’, I keep repeating this lines to my 6-year-old trying to get her to internalize it. As life catches up there are a lot more challenges one faces & as you grow up it is difficult to change your mindset. What you feel & think turns into who you become. It is important that you mold your children’s minds right from the start & teach them that it is important to choose ‘Happiness’. When life does not go as planned (which may happen quite often) it is easy to feel restless, sad & depressed but it is for times like these that we need to prepare our kids. We need to train them to choose to control how they feel & not let negative situations bring them down.

Tomorrow’s world will not lack money, technology, gadgets or any other luxury but it will lack Emotional stability as right now all our efforts are directed to meeting the materialistic needs of our children and sadly we are trying to buy ‘happiness’ for them but we fail to understanding that one day they will have to fend for their own ‘materialistic happiness’ & will encounter situations which do not make it easy for them to stay uplifted & motivated. We need to prepare them for those times when life throws lemons at them & instead of feeling distressed, they choose to make lemonades.

Teach them that staying happy is not dependent on what they have but on how they choose to feel. It is a choice & they are in control of their own happiness. Just making that one simple choice will make all the difference for them & you.


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