Newborn Baby Essentials – Baby Checklist

Larger items:HospitalPackingList

  • Baby carry-cot –A Must
  • Stroller/pram + Pram seat cover
  • Diaper bag/ Baby bag
  • Infant safety seat/Car Seat


  • Changing mats -2/3
  • Baby Wipes / Cotton & water
  • Baby powder
  • New born Diapers / 24 cloth nappy (Trust me you will need these many if you are going to do the cloth nappy thing)
  • 6 Changing sheetsCotton Sheets you use to wrap the baby (to put on the changing mat)


  • baby Wrapping cloth

(You will need more if you are planning to use cloth nappy)

  • 12 sleeveless vests/undershirts /baniyan
  • 12 shirts (Preferably the ones with buttons in front)
  • 12 full pants (needed once you stop tying the baby up… try to keep baby covered little below the knees…basically avoiding direct air on the joints)
  • 2 caps – Initially we are supposed to keep their head covered.
  • 10 bibs (this is one of the most important thing as this will save you from changing the baby’s entire set of cloths every time he burps out milk so get good ones… get little broader ones to cover his shoulders & chest. Don’t hesitate to spend on this cause you will need it atleast till baby is 1 year … get good brand ones, they are really lasting.
  • 10 rompers/sleepsuits (Please get good Brands for this… They have good diaper space & the baby will be more comfortable)
  • 8 Outing clothes – you will need to carry 2 extra sets whenever you are out so basically 6 are in use & 2 are in the baby bag.
  • 3 Baby Blankets (2 for home & keep 1 good one for Outing.)
  • 2 pairs Mittens – Just in case
  • 4 pairs of Socks / Booties – I prefer socks to booties but I guess you will need to wait a while for socks.

Bathing supplies:

  • Baby bath seat (It is a must)
  • Soft towel
  • Baby massage oil – (I prefer Olive oil)
  • Baby soap / Baby wash (I prefer bath wash… It’s easy to spread)
  • Baby Shampoo
  • Baby Moisturizing lotion
  • Baby hair brush and comb
  • Baby nail scissors or clippers


  • Digital thermometer (A must)



  • Breast pads – Buy these beforehand & keep them in your hospital bag.
  • U-shaped cushion (so you don’t have to stoop down to feed the baby and hence prevents back pain)- A must
  • Small soft towels to dab baby’s face after feeding
  • Nursing apron
  • Breast-pump or something for hand expressing – including containers for expressed breast milk


  • Milk Powder container
  • Thermal bottle carrier
  • 6 bottles and 6 nipples (teats)
  • Nipple brush
  • Bottle brush
  • Liquid detergent for cleaning bottles and teats
  • Sterilizing equipment

Bed Time

  • Baby bedding & Pillow for the head & loads for sides
  • Waterproof mattress cover/ waterproof sheet
  • Mosquito patch / cream/ net

Baby Toys –

  • Cot mobile – if you are getting a baby cot.
  • Rattles
  • Musical toys

Hospital Checklist

For the mother-to-be:

  • Thick Socks – Feet usually get cold after delivery
  • 2-4 high waist panties (just in case it’s a C-Sec & even otherwise as good for the tummy to feel firm after delivery.)
  • Nursing bras 2-3
  • Sanitary Pads – (You might have to use the maternity ones till you are in the hospital)
  • Nursing Apron
  • Nursing U-shaped cushion
  • Bathroom slippers (Flip flops)
  • Comb/ clips/ rubber bands / Hair band
  • Soap, Shampoo & Towel
  • Face & body cream, Lip balm
  • Toothbrush and Toothpaste
  • Scarf & Cotton balls – in case the elders tell you to cover your head ears J
  • Bathroom slippers
  • Change of comfy Cloths & Shoes while leaving the hospital
  • Camera, Phone, Charger etc.

Take off all jewellery before leaving home.

For Baby:

  • New born Diapers or cloth nappy
  • Baby wipes
  • Baby Powder
  • Baby blanket
  • Baby cloths:
  • 6 / 8- Shirts
  • 24 Cloth nappy (you will need a lot of them as initially babies have black poop & those nappies may have to be thrown. I seriously would advice newborn diapers right from the start. )

If you make sure you are changing the diaper every 4-5 hours in the day, the baby will never ever get a rash… only in the nights you can keep the diaper on for 8-10 hours but in the day keep changing every time you feel it heavy… roughly around 4-5 hours)

  • Baby cap
  • Baby mittens & booties

A comfy & beautiful wrap cloth for your little one, while leaving the hospital.


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