A walk down memory lane.. A magical experience.

Related imageA weekend to most of us means late nights and sleeping till noon the next day.. but not when you have a 2-year-old spy at your house who keeps track of your every move.. yesterday though was different.. I woke up in the middle of the night.. not sure if it was one of my spiritual calls or just a nature call.. but I was glad I woke up cause my 2-year-old was asleep and I could breath FREEDOM.. Knowing that my husband was at home to field for me.. I did not waste a second and quickly freshened up, put on my jogging shoes, tied my hair into a bun, grabbed the house keys, my cell phone, head phones and ran.. ran.. ran..

Oh what an escape it was!!!

It was quite early..I was out in the open all by myself surrounded by trees, birds, people walking their dogs, some exercising, few jogging.. it was so refreshing…felt so alive.

Image result for sunrise photo

There is something in the Sunrise which holds me captive in my thoughts.. As the bright sun shone down me, my thoughts wandered back to a village where I use to go with my dad. Wide open fields.. early morning chill and chirping of birds to greet the dim sunshine.. and at that moment I was in a that village experiencing that Sunrise once again..

Image result for blue flowers bell shaped

As I continued my brisk walk and got a little further I saw some familiar purple colored flowers and once again I was transported to a time when I was 5 or 6 and stayed at a condo that had these little purple bell-shaped flowers..I remembered how I use to play around them with my friends.. watched them through the square grills of my room window and admired their shape. I tried recollecting the names of the kids I knew then but to my surprise I had forgotten the names of quite a few of my childhood playmates but the visuals I had in my mind were so clear.. their faces started back at me through my thoughts as though it was my turn to catch them and in that moment I realized that I was time travelling again.. I smiled to few of the beautiful blue flowers and continued my walk..

If this isn’t magic then what is.. Nature has its Magic spread all over for us.. with just a simple emotion I flew years and years back into my own thought.. a place to which only I have access to and a place that will always be just the same every time I visit.. The place of my memories.. my yesteryears..

The place as real as my imaginations and as precious as my dreams..

Image result for sandy beach A heap of sand in the children’s park that swoops you to a beach trip you had ages back.. empty coke cans that remind you of some crazy times with friends… an Eucalyptus tree that lights up your soul with its fragrance just connecting you to your home on the hills..

I live in wonder and awe of life itself.. how beautiful can life be only if we learn to pick up these cues from the world around us and keep connecting to our happy places..I guess sometimes we don’t need actual things or actual travels to keep us happy but we sure need good thoughts.. A walk down memory lane is just what I needed yesterday and I know that yesterday’s walk is added to my list of happy places, to which I will be transported some time in the future.. and I am waiting for this universe to give me clues to relive this walk again.


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