“Its ok.. its ok..”

images-1I have a confession to make.. I am one clumsy mom.. Whether its spilling stuff on my kids, stepping on their feet, knocking them with my elbow or accidentally poking my finger into their eyes.. I have done it all. Past 7 years, they have been nothing but forgiving.. My elder one was practically a God sent Angel.. she taught me the art of Patience.. what it was to take it slow. She made me see how adorable daughters truly are. She forgave me for being such a hyper parent and made motherhood seem like a bliss..

Then 2 years back, came along my wild one.. she challenged everything that I had ever learnt about ‘patient parenting’. She made sure I knew and experienced how tough parenting can actually be.. and all that bliss of 7 years went poof!!! 

She taught me the art of juggling, sprinting between tasks, manipulating ones way through smiles and hugs, being a referee every second of the day but the most important lesson I learnt from her today was to say “Its OK”..

My 2-year-old is a free-spirited soul.. you instantly know one when you see one.. she does what her heart desires.. cares a damn about the consequences and that puts me more on guard, cause I am always watching out for her. She seems to be accident prone.. wonder who she got it from..Hmmm..

Today was no different, I was being my clumsy self and juggling between breakfast and tidying the house. Had my hands full with some stuff toys, 2 dolls, a kiddie piano, few blocks, a kiddie stethoscope, bunch of house keys and 3 coloring books.. I felt so resourceful carrying a load of these toys to pack away all at once and constantly thinking how lucky I was to have found the house keys.. guess they must have fallen from the stand and my little one must have picked it up to play with it and left it lying on the table. Had she put it in any one of her toy baskets, I would have gone crazy searching for the keys and the worst thing is that I would have realized that the keys are gone just at the last-minute while a cab was waiting or the school bus was about to reach and I had to lock the house in a rush. SO.. with all this circus of thoughts in my head I was heading towards my first stop..the ‘book shelf’, that I made low in height so that my kid can easily access it..obviously I did not think it through.. laughs !!!

images-161Anyways..I tried opening it with my feet as my hands were full.. I managed to sneak open a small crevice so quickly stuck my toe in there and opened it up.. leaned forward and slid down the coloring books and managed to shut the book shelf door with my feet.. one mission accomplished! My next stop was the bag of blocks..since there were just a few blocks I thought I can manage to unzip the bag with 2 fingers and quickly put in the blocks and imagine like they were never a part of the kiddie mess in my house.. OKKK.. so I was trying that heroic stunt but to my horror the manufacturers of kids toys child-proof the zip so it requires an adult to use both hands to open up the bag and right now all I had free were my eyes & nose, and my ‘ I dream of Jeannie’ skills were not coming in use either (trust me I tried) so I was now actually aiming to do this with 2 fingers.. what was I thinking!! In the next second hell broke loose. All my strategy of holding the stuff toys in my right arm, the dolls in my left, the piano under my right arm, the kiddie stethoscope suspending around my forearm and keys in my mouth, now did not seem such a smart idea after all. The jerk I gave to the blocks bag while trying to open the zip with my 2 supermom fingers, made the piano want to slip from under my arm and I could not stop myself from letting out a shriek. This loosened my grip over the keys and they fell to the floor. The sound of keys clanging against each other at once put my 2-year-old into action. She had seen me moving toys that she had carefully placed in strategic positions all over the house, she did not stop me from going on a cleaning spree as she was busy watching her favourite TV show ‘Peppa Pig’. But the little helpful soul that she always is, she ran to my rescue, picked up the keys and put them back in my mouth and said “Mumma..its ok.. its ok. I couldn’t help smile at her through the key ring and totally admired her perception.

She knew that I had done something that was not right but she wanted me to feel OK about it and not worry, so she consoled me.. to me this was a lot of maturity coming from a 2-year-old.. She taught me to forgive myself for dropping the keys and feel OK.. and because of the philosophical person I am, this got me thinking about the purpose of this post..

I wish I had the ability to view the world from the eyes of a 2-year-old.. believing in second chances.. believing in the strength of a kiss (to repair even a broken toy) or a hug to take away hurt (from doll who fell down).. or just letting go and knowing that its OK to drop somethings in life and pick them up later.. what matters is saying its OK and trying again..

Guess life is all about taking second chances, giving second chances to ones around and sometimes we need to help each others take second chances like my 2-year-old helped me take mine today.

I finally managed to drop off the blocks on the sofa to put them away later and headed to the toy basket where I dumped the piano, the stethoscope, stuff toys and dolls..finally took the keys in my hand and hung it back on the stand. Went back to the blocks and packed them away too..my job was done!

It’s not important that we always get things right the first time.. May be we have to put down some baggage for a while.. and focus on what we can do with ease. Life does not always have to be complicated..or fast.. sometimes we can take our second chances and get our tasks done..one by one!

Don’t you think?


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