Every person has a Universe in him, of which he is the Center.

rivera_wall_custom-fb26656fd5f607e7cee05d6d2b79fcb1c807f7a0-s900-c85.jpgHow many times have we looked at someone and passed a negative judgement about them in our heads or have let others bad experiences, talks, emotions, influence our impressions about someone.. couple of 100 times may be.. we all have been guilty of this at some given point in time, regardless of the authenticity of our source of information.

Doubt comes very easily to human mind. We are more willing to doubt a person and be distant than trusting that any difference can we worked out. Some may call it smartness, some may do it out of fear of getting hurt, some due to social acceptance and some may keep their distance and doubts intact cause life has conditioned them to act that way. Our experiences shape our future actions; for many it is a way to avoid trouble.

So under all these circumstances our ‘Doubt’ prevails!

What if we can change our perspective in life from ‘Doubt’ to ‘Trust’. It does not matter from where this force of ‘Trust’ comes, as long as it gives us hope..It may come from a lucky shirt or from a person or from God Almighty himself.

We need to learn to accept that each person is the center of his own universe. He does what is best according to his judgement. In his universe he is the most important and his feelings matter above all. That is why some people appear more self-centered and craving for attention cause they cannot let go of the ‘feeling of control’ that they feel in their Universe.. They want to feel important.. want to control and want to be dictators in an others universe too.. and that creates unrest in relationships.

The rules of each ones universe is different that’s the reason that in spite of being born in the same family, two individuals may be totally different. Each person prioritizes according to the laws of his internal universe. Some people prioritize work.. some prioritize family.. some favor their friends.. some are controlled by a habit.. some hunger for fame and recognition.. some are satisfied with happiness and peace.. each ones universe has a different code..different laws of existence.

No one is wrong or right.. they are just different.

When our internal universe overlap we find our clan..our posse..our friends; who are the family we choose or may be a family member who may be our closest kin. Again not all friends or family need to share the same interests but just the thought that we can ‘trust’ to learn from each others universe, makes all the difference.

There is no growth without learning and no learning without relationships and no relationships without trust… that’s why ‘Trust’ is of utmost importance.

If we do not experience the light of a different internal universe then we become stagnant in our own life, we stop spiritual or emotional growth. They say growth lies out of our comfort zones and letting someone different in your universe or stepping into another universe can be quite an uncomfortable experience but at the end of the day we learn.. we grow..and who knows that could be the start of a beautiful relation based on trust.

Every person needs to be thought worthwhile of, irrespective of their social status. Opening our hearts to change doubt to trust and giving a chance for hope to touch our lives shows our strength and affirms our firm ground as the center of our own universe. No one else, but we ourselves are the masters of that universe within us. We are at the center of everything that is happening around us and no one can take that stand from us. If we are confident about our own position we will not be insecure or threatened to let anyone in our universe.. in our life.

We see life in our own light similarly others also see and do things in their light and they hold a central position in their universe so their perspective about different aspects of life will differ from ours and that’s OK!!! The whole point is to live life in awareness and to the fullest, we need to keep trusting.. keep making relations.. keep learning and keep growing!!!


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