Living life with Gratitude !


“Is it fair to assume that people and things around you are supposed to keep working in a set manner and in your favor?”

Right from birth we are constantly interacting with so many people and confronting so many situations. We get used to people and things functioning in a particular manner around us. We are used to our Parents loving us, our friends sharing with us, our condo guards opening the gate for us, our dog jumping happily when we enter the house or the toaster, refrigerator, washing machine and any other gadget at home working smoothly for us.

We are accustomed to have everything and everyone working in a set manner BUT, If a loved one said they did not need me I would be filled with sadness or If my friend chooses someone else to spend a fun day with, it would make me a bit Jealous, if the elevators to my floor stopped working I would be mad angry.

Basically if people or things around us don’t go as per our assumptions then we experience negative emotions. All because we take it for granted that life and people have to behave in a certain way.

How about changing the way we view life???

a12a89c6977728cb117a268d2d0d6881Instead of taking life for granted we need to practice ‘gratitude towards life’. Be grateful for even the smallest part of life. Be appreciative of everyone who touches your life and even if there are some who stir a negative emotion, be appreciative of them coming in your life and making you stronger than you were before.

“Gratitude” is by far my most favorite emotion.

2876Being grateful has got me through the toughest of times and through the rockiest parts of life..

  • Gratitude has no strings attached.. no obligation for any one or anything to act as per norms.
  • Gratitude frees you from attachment and gives you another point of view when life is not going as per your desire.
  • Being thankful and appreciative of people around you is such a positive feeling that empowers you.
  • Gratitude makes you independent.. you don’t feel dependent or driven by people or things. You are driven by your power to give love, respect and appreciation.
  • You become emotionally stronger and empathetic towards others when you practice the art of being grateful in life.
  • A grateful heart keeps out negative emotions like jealousy, stress, depression, hatred and all those feelings that can turn us sour.
  • Once we learn to be thankful our self-worth increases.. we realise how blessed we are.
  • Gratitude brings happiness.. the more our level of appreciation for people and things around us increases the less stressed we are and the more happy we feel.

99206d0c9f34b30af57f8263d97ef042 As it is rightly said ” It is not joy that makes us Grateful, it is Gratitude that makes us Joyful”. In today’s age we have so many alternatives to life. We don’t need to be stressed about something not going our way. There are always other options to make things work. We only have to have an open mind and a grateful heart.

Lets practice this art of seeing the good in each and every person or each and every situation in life. Lets make our hearts more thankful and give our life a happier twist by living with Gratitude. 



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