Hobby aka Happiness!

When I was growing up we had this parallel life which involved no school, no studies, no pressure, just plain fun and a big part of that life included pursuing a “Hobby”. I have had a range of hobbies growing up, from stamp collection, to picking up fancy stones & rocks, collecting shells and painting them, card making, coin trading and my all time favorite … Continue reading Hobby aka Happiness!

‘Happiness’ for kids – It is a choice!

‘Happiness is a choice’, I had read this line pretty young in life & somehow it made so much sense as a kid & continues to make even more sense now. It is a constant choice that we need to make every hour, every second of the day, otherwise simple things like having to do just one extra dish can turn off your ‘happiness’. So the choice … Continue reading ‘Happiness’ for kids – It is a choice!