Hobby aka Happiness!

When I was growing up we had this parallel life which involved no school, no studies, no pressure, just plain fun and a big part of that life included pursuing a “Hobby”. I have had a range of hobbies growing up, from stamp collection, to picking up fancy stones & rocks, collecting shells and painting them, card making, coin trading and my all time favorite … Continue reading Hobby aka Happiness!

Living life with Gratitude !

“Is it fair to assume that people and things around you are supposed to keep working in a set manner and in your favor?” Right from birth we are constantly interacting with so many people and confronting so many situations. We get used to people and things functioning in a particular manner around us. We are used to our Parents loving us, our friends sharing … Continue reading Living life with Gratitude !

Nostalgia across countries!!

Having lived away from Mumbai for almost 9 years and out of India for more than 5 years now, I had a chance to experience the lifestyle and culture of India and of ‘The Philippines. Philippines is one of the most beautiful Island countries in the world. It consists of over 7000 breathtakingly beautiful Islands. The people here are so welcoming, pleasant and helpful. It … Continue reading Nostalgia across countries!!